Work with me


I’m Lisa N, the recipe developer, writer, photographer and overall content creator behind one of UK’s most read food and travel blog, The Savourista. As the name suggests, I love savouring the best cuisines around the world. I am a self-taught home cook who is highly passionate about food and travel. I love creating delicious yet straightforward gourmet dishes which are inspired by my travels all over the world.

Our loyal and expanding community of readers on the World Wide Web and across the social media enjoy my collections of travel stories and culinary adventures which are written to inspire, discover and experience.


Of the thousands of food and travel blogs on the internet, why should you choose to work with me? It’s simple – because I am passionate and dedicated to working with brands and products that my readers love and that engage with the core values of The Savourista. I also have the skills, experience, and dedication to take your brand to the next level.

The Savourista is open for sponsored posts, reviews and other collaborations with clients and brands who share the same ethos and passion towards food and travel. Whether you’re looking to promote your products to our ever-expanding audience or hire us for our expertise, you’re welcome. It’s imperative to me that we are a good fit, so if you’ve had a good look around The Savourista and are feeling at home – chances are I’ll be delighted to work with you and your brand.

If you’re interested in partnering with the Savourista, please contact me or drop me an email at thesavourista (at) gmail (dot) com. I would be ecstatic to hear from you!


  • Recipe Development and Food Writing

I’m a passionate and published writer and recipe developer. I have been featured in several online blogs and digital magazines over the years. The Savourista can help you develop, write and photograph a recipe featuring your product or ingredient, for websites and magazines.  All recipes developed will be specifically tailored to your requested cuisine or dietary requirements.

  • Travel

I have a burning passion for travelling, and I’ve been travelling the world for more than a decade. As such, the Savourista is available to travel all over the world to represent or accompany brands on trips as a travel/food writer and photographer. I can also provide high-resolution travel photography.

  • Content Creation

I can help you create customised and professionally-styled photographs tailored to the aesthetics of your brand.  Our photos are created to inspire, inform and entertain in an authentic and relatable way. We are flexible and can help you create contents to maximize audience engagement on social media

  • Brand Ambassadorship

The Savourista seeks to partner with brands that share my passion for food and travel and can make our audience lives richer. As your long-term brand ambassador, I will help increase awareness of your brand through a series of blog and social media posts. I am also available to travel and can carry out on-camera work for your brand.

  • Brand and Company events

I am available to attend your event and learn about your product, cause or anything else. As a naturally inquisitive person, I would be delighted to attend your event and find out more about your brand or product and how it can relate to my readers.

  • Train-Mentor-Coach

I am available to Train-Mentor-Coach your employees on a variety of aspects including but not limited to entrepreneurship, social media, blogging, recipe development, motivation, and photography. I have done this severally with a number of brands, blogs and agencies on a range of projects and the feedback has always been awesome. I have developed training programmes on social entrepreneurship before and pioneered the Trading in a Market training for young entrepreneurs. I have also coached over 60 people between the ages of 16 – 40.

  • Speaking at a conference or event

I have keynoted hundreds of events for corporations, conferences and trade associations including the Oppi Festival in which I represented UNICEF, PLAN UK, and TheirWorld. As such I can help develop customized workshops or teach a training course related to blogging, writing or photography; address a conference or event; be a panellist or speak at your event.

  • Review

As a consumer, I read reviews for nearly everything I purchase or any place I go.  Reviews influence my decision making on a product of trip. I believe that the influence of reviews is expanding rapidly, as such I can help you by reviewing your food, drink, travel or tech-related product after samples have been received. I will also feature your restaurant, hotel, airline or destination after a review visit has been arranged. It would be my utmost delight!