Hey all,

I’m Lisa, and I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog. I really appreciate your readership, and I hope that you find something here that you love.

Born in Southern Africa, I grew up in Kent, England. My life so far has been wonderful and continues to be wonderful, especially over the last couple years. In my early 20s, I am married as of June 2017, and together my spouse and I have a beautiful baby girl, who has just captured my heart!

Growing up, I always got excited about food. My mother taught me the ins and outs of the kitchen, my father showed me how to BBQ (or braai, as the Southern Africans call it), and from there I went off on my own, exploring and experimenting, intent on developing a culinary style unique to my personality. I love eating, and I love, love, love cooking! Self-taught to a large extent, I cook and develop all sorts of recipes.

Both my mother and my father continue to inspire me in cooking every single day. From my mother, I got an idea of what it means to make delicious, gourmet meals with an unmatchable consistency. She taught me that scrumptious food is something you can have every night of the week, and she also taught me about the love and friendship, both key values of mine, that are at the heart of every great meal. My father, on the other hand, taught me the power of flavour. From him, I inherited a taste for excellent chilli sauce and an appreciation of all African foods. Chilli, garlic and ginger: these strong flavours permeate many of my dishes. Having travelled widely, seeing such far-off lands as Morocco, Finland, Dubai, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, I am always open to diversifying my style as well.

Cooking and travel, those are my two favourite pastimes. When I can get on a plane, fly away, and land somewhere that the climate is just totally different, I am one happy chef! I prize beauty and relaxation, and I am an adventurer at heart.

Here at my blog, I share recipes for dishes simple, quick, and gourmet. Because I am a proponent of using food to build connections with people, I pride myself on my ability to sharing my love of cooking but also on giving my readers a sneak peek at my latest adventures.

The meals that I share with my family, these are the best parts of my week. If more people would just do the same, take in a meal and enjoy the company of their loved ones, I believe the world would be a better place. The more I encourage others to do just that, to appreciate food, their lives, their families, the more joyful and fulfilled I feel in my life.

Do you love food? Do you have wanderlust? Then this is the site for you. Men and women of all ages and all travel and cooking experiences, I am writing for you! What started out as a personal project for friends and family has now grown into so much more, and I am thrilled to keep bringing you whatever awesome content I can.